Agent Q&A with Rachel Wester

Name: Rachel Wester; Visit her team at

Previous Careers: Kindergarten Teacher

Talents: I used to act semi-professionally and I can sing pretty well.  I was a great teacher.  I rock at personal finance, writing, and editing!  

Hobbies: With 2 young kids, I have no time! But I am an executive officer and delegate for a major political party and I'm running for State House of Representatives district 70!

College: Masters in Education from Austin College in Sherman. Spent a Semester in Spain.

Languages:  I used to be almost fluent in Spanish, but I've lost most of it. Using the DuoLingo app to get it back!

Family: Husband of 11 years, Mark.  Ronin 3, Hazel 18 months. 


Year licensed: 2014

Specialty/Niches:  McKinney is home base, but I work all over DFW. Husband is from Plano and I'm from Fort Worth so I really enjoy working there!

Why did I choose this career?  I always felt that if I wasn't teaching, I'd love Real Estate because it combines my love of houses, staging, personal finance, and helping to teach and guide and counsel people.  My plan was to just stay home with my kids full time, but I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did!


Greatest Achievement?  The cliche but true answer is having and raising my children.  But next to that, it was getting through my first year of Real Estate. I listed my first house when Hazel was just 2 weeks old- I was literally nursing her while painting walls (Shannon has that picture somewhere, lol!)  It took everything I had and I wanted to give up so many times but I was absolutely determined to see it through.

3 things on my "bucket list":  I guess I'm pretty content- I'd like to have more kids and retire to the Hill Country one day!

Met a celebrity? All of the American Idols Adam Lambert's year.  Lots of old Cowboys players like Robert Williams that my husband works with.  Oh, and he taught Jordan Speith, so there's that by association!

Beer or Wine: Not a big drinker, but I like dark beers or Riesling

Salty or Sweet?  SAAALLLLTTYYY