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Most Realtors and Home Sellers will tell you that a detailed home inspection is the responsibility of the Home Buyer to have done prior to closing. We would like to offer another point of view on this subject. One that may help you sell your home a little faster and help ensure your home closes.
So, how can a pre-listing inspection help? We believe there are 3 ways a pre-listing inspection can help which we have listed below.

  1. Create confidence and trust for potential home buyers. When a home buyer knows of potential problems ahead of time, they are more likely to feel comfortable with the purchase and prepare themselves for the repairs. They are going to find out later anyway and deals have a tendency to fall apart when problems are discovered at the last moment.
  2. Knowing about problems ahead of time allow the home seller to budget for repairs. Imagine receiving a contract on your home, getting excited about moving and then find out you have to come up with a thousand dollars to replace a few windows just days before closing. If you can’t get it fixed in time, the closing could be delayed or worse, buyer’s remorse could set in and the buyer cuts and runs. If you know ahead of time, you can have the money set aside or be able to adjust the listing price ahead of time to be able to come down on the sales price as part of negotiations.
  3. Market your home as “Certified Pre-Owned”. Okay, so this may sound funny but Steve Rodriguez with Realty Times made a good point in his recent article.

“Pre-listing inspections allow agents to market homes as “Certified Pre-Owned;” and homebuyers, like those purchasing new cars, are willing to spend more money on properties that have been professionally inspected.” Source: Realty Times, Steve Rodriguez (12/27/07)

It makes a lot of sense to spend the few hundred dollars on a Home Inspection prior to listing your home. The benefits are real and can help reduce the stress level during the negotiation when everyone is already on the same page. Please let us know if you have questions about home inspections and what your responsibilities as a home seller are.

Best Bang for Your Buck Updating Projects

We hate to see a seller spend a lot of money on new carpet or paint, only to see them choose a hideous paint color and cheap plush carpet in an unappealing color. Here's a list of some specific action items that you can do to attract the most buyers to your home. Think of it as, "Updating to Sell Your DFW Home For Dummies". Why just DFW? I've been to a LOT of Model Homes in the DFW Metroplex. A LOT! These specific updates are found in every model home I've seen. Perhaps this list can pertain to many other markets as well...but you can bet buyers in DFW want to see these things:

  1. REMOVE YOUR WALLPAPER! ALL Wallpaper is dated.
  2. NEUTRAL PAINT - USE WARM BEIGE COLORS! Choose warm cozy colors over white. Have a painting party and GET IT DONE!
  3. REPLACE CARPET - CHOOSE "FRIEZE" CARPET OVER PLUSH. It's not much more expensive, but make a big impression on buyers! Ahhh...new carpet smell!
  4. GRANITE COUNTERTOPS IN THE KITCHEN. Always a showstopper! This option is pricy for entry-level markets, but a must for $300K+
  5. REPLACE BRASS FIXTURES - LIGHT, PLUMBING- WITH "OIL-RUBBED BRONZE" OR SATIN NICKEL. That's right, take down those "Hollywood light" strips in the bathrooms!
  6. IF REMOVING WALLPAPER, SKIP TROWEL THE WALLS FOR AN UPDATED TEXTURE. So inexpensive, yet so chic! Your friendly Home Depot or Lowes representative will be happy to teach you how!Don't believe me? Visit any model home and take notes of what colors, fixtures, styles are popular. These are the most neutral, popular choices for buyers today. Or, better yet, open a Pottery Barn catalog...try to imitate the styles there with furniture you have.

Other tips for SERIOUS Sellers:

  1. Invest in a few hours with A PROFESSIONAL HOME STAGER! Their job is to use what you have to help your home show at it's absolute BEST! There are TONS of great ones here in the metroplex! Let me refer you to one!
  2. Don't have the time to do a great cleaning of your home each week? Then HIRING A HOUSEKEEPER to come frequently while your house is on the market could be money very well spent! Selling a house can be stressful enough. Hiring an extra pair of hands can be a lifesiver to those of you with full time jobs, kids or just a very busy household! And, with it looking so sparkly clean, it could very well mean LESS time spent on the market.

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